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Since 2012 we are living in "Lower Austria", a province of Austria (close to Vienna), before from our birth till 2012 we were living in Vienna.

I'm Herbert, born in 1954.

My Hobbies are : making and updating our private websites, riding motorcycles (my best was a Honda Goldwing) , keeping Bonsai (more than 100), photography, surfing on Internet, and e-mail correspondences with people from all over the world (in english or german) and many other's.

My wife Silvia, born in 1960,

Her Hobbies are or were : to make dolls of porcelain since 1990 and she were very succesfull with it, she got MANY AWARDS.

In the begin she made reproduction dolls of wellknown dollartists, but since some years she is creating her own dolls and makes reproductions of her own creations. Since January 2001 she is still only working on her own created dolls. Since 1995 she received 53 awards (till now) at the biggest doll shows at many big doll shows with competition in ENGLAND, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND and in AUSTRIA for her dolls.

Here you can see some others of Silvias earlier creative Hobbies

Besides Silvia were riding motorcycle, she had a Yamaha Virago 1100 for 5 years and then from June 2005 till 2007 she had a nice Cabrio , and enjoyed very much to drove it.

She's collecting dolls of other dollmakers , "Santa Claus"-figurines (text unfortunately only in German language), and "Pegasus-figurines".

Our daughter "GINA" was born in 1979,

she was working as purchasing manager in wholesale, as secretary, and now for the next years she will stay at home as mother.

Since August 2003 she have a very cute little daughter called "Lilly" (for Lilian Sophie) and so we are grandparents now !

She is living with her daughter Lilly and with her husband in an terraced house with garden, in a small town, about 30 kilometers far of Vienna and she spend her free time with her family, her dog "Chicca" and their friends.


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On 2011-01-19, we became Grandparents for the third time, through our cute grandson "Roger", again from our oldest daughter Tochter Gina and Daddy Chris.

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Our son "HARALD" born in 1980,

and he has finished his education as a salesman in a megastore for electronic and electric devices. He is living in an apartment in the 10th district of Vienna.

When he had passed the army, he was working for 8 month in a security company as a security guard. Then he was working again in his learned job as salesman in an electronic devices megastore in the department for computers. Then he has finished the education for a new second profession as a EDV technician which was a challenge for him. Two years past he made a third education as software developer.
He had a job in a megastore for electronic devices again, in the computer department. He loves to have the contact with the customers and explain them his knowledges about computers.
Since some month he is working in a notebook store as sales clerk and service technician, which is combinating two of his educations.
His hobbies are his computers, watching movies, collecting DVD's and to spend his free time with his long time Sandra, his girlfriend since 1996, she is working as teacher at a gymnasium.

Our youngest daughter "Judith" was born 1983,

She has finished her schooltime and worked as a trainee for employee in an architecture office. Later she was working in a full time job in her profession as office clerk in a daughter company of the Austrian broadcasting company. After leaving this job Judith made her driving license and when she done it she bought her first own car.
Following she found a new job as specialist in a technical company. Now she is working as forwarding administrator in a world wide operating company which is offering clima and other technic for buildings and cars.
Earlier she liked it to chat at the Internet with her chat-friends. Since 1999 she had a boyfriend which she loves very much and they was living together since this time. In May 2007 they married.

In July 2010, they got their first baby, a very cute girl named "Lea"

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